Exploring the Role of a Joint Coach


  • Jana Haggard Graduate Sp 2022


joint coach, Surgery, total knee arthroplasty


 Preoperative education for total joint replacement has been shown to have a positive impact on patients’ anxiety, perception of pain during recovery, and improving post-operative quality of life. This project focused on the need to teach nursing students regarding protocols that begin preoperatively and continue until the patient’s recovery goals are met. 

    TWU students were introduced to the role of a joint coach with a combination of didactic knowledge of standard preoperative care with an introduction to prehabilitation exercises to help students gain a deeper understanding of how healthcare collaborates to improve patient outcomes. Pre and post educational surveys were conducted. 

 Results showed a statistically significant improvement of the students understanding of perioperative care for joint patients as well as a better understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration.

   This project highlights the need to incorporate educational modules for nursing students as well as creating joint coaching positions to provide care specific to this population.


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